Financial Planning & Investment Management

For our clients with over $500,000 of investable assets, we provide a comprehensive analysis and financial plan that includes portfolio management.  Our fee for this wealth management service is tiered based on the amount of assets we manage. 

Service Level Advisor Clients (Gold) Advisor Clients (Platinum) Wealth Management Clients
Invested Assets $100,001 - $500,000 $500,001 - $1,000,000 > $1,000,000
Percentage Charged 1.00% 1.00% 0.90%
Financial Planning Fees Initial $2,000, plus $100/monthly Included Included
Tax preparation Available Included($300/year credit for personal taxes) Included ($700/year credit for personal taxes )
Planned Meeting Frequency 2x 1 hr meeting/yr 2x 90 minutes meetings/yr 4x 90 minutes meetings/yr
Ad Hoc Meeting Frequency** 2 meetings/yr 4 meeting /year
Email Support Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Newsletter Y Y Y
Financial Planning Y Y Y
Cash Flow Analysis Y Y Y
Complete Account Aggregation & Net Worth Analysis Y Y Y
Individual Risk Tolerance Analysis Y Y Y
Portfolio Optimization and Management* Y Y Y
Annual Financial Plan Update Meeting Y Y Y
Insurance Audit/Needs Analysis Y Y Y
529 Plan and Coverdell Planning Y Y Y
Retirement Income Distribution Planning Y Y Y
401k Plan Review Upon Request Y Y
Advice on Outside Accounts* Y Y
Tax Planning( Income Tax Reduction Strategies) Available Available $700 Credit
Roth Conversion Analysis Y Y
Quarterly Net Worth & Income Analysis Y Y
Last Three Year 1040 Income Tax Review Available Y
Rental House Property Gain and Loss and Tax Saving Analysis Available (up to $300/year credit for analysis) Y
Highly Concentrated Stock Management Y
Annual Tax Harvesting Strategies Y
Charitable Giving Strategies Y
Alternative Investment Strategies Y
Family Succession Plan Additional Fee

* Additional fee may apply

** Ad Hoc Meeting: Additional fee may apply for complex issues

All additional services can be purchased based on consulting fee rate

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