Financial Planning

The QuickStart Plan   

We provide:

    • Initial help organizing your relevant financial information.
    • 90-minute consultation (phone, video or in person) to answer questions and strategize.
    • 3 – 5 pages summary and action plan to help you get on track.
    • 2 weeks of email access after our meeting to answer any questions about the action plan.

QuickStart Plan: $599

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Our comprehensive financial plan reviews multiple aspects of your current finances and your financial goals. It is the cornerstone to your “Financial Roadmap.”

With a comprehensive financial plan, you will feel more confident about your financial decision-making, save more money and feel better about your progress in saving toward financial goals. This package benefits people at all income levels and at any stage of their lives.

The plan includes: 

  • Long-Term Spending
    • Lifetime cash flow projection, which includes income projections and tax estimates
  • Education Funding
    • Tax-efficient, long-term strategies to pay for the college education
  • Investments
    • Assistance with preparing an investment policy statement
    • Identification of time horizon for investments
    • Recommendation of an asset allocation to match risk, time horizon, and other parameters
  • Retirement
    • Review employment-related benefits, qualified plan contributions, and other tax-deferred arrangements. Recommend ways to maximize benefits
    • Estimate Social Security benefits and recommend Social Security start date and strategies
    • Consider healthcare and long-term care needs in retirement
  • Income Tax
    • Tax minimization and deferral strategies, including tax efficient investments and contributions to IRAs, qualified retirement plans, and college savings programs
    • Planning for Alternative Minimum Tax.
  • Insurance
    • Analyze current insurance policies
    • Recommend types and amounts of coverage for property & casualty, health, major medical, excess liability, disability, life insurance, and long-term care coverage
    • Provide referrals to insurance professionals, as needed
  • Estate Planning
    • Review of current wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and related documents. Recommendation of new or updated documents
    • Analyze beneficiary designations and proper titling of assets
    • Discuss desired gifting strategies

Price range: starting from $2,200. 

Retirement Road Map

Our retirement planning process is for those planning to retire within 5-15 years. This option provides an in-depth review of your current financial standing and your retirement objectives. The process includes:

  • Current net worth statement
    • An overall picture of your assets and debts
  • Current cash flow statement
    • Where is your money going and how much should you be saving?
  • Retirement capital needs analysis; up to 2 scenarios
    • Do you need to make adjustments to retire the way you want? Are you putting aside enough savings? At what age can you retire?
  • Review of your current asset allocation and investment portfolio
    • Is your current asset allocation appropriate for your investment objectives? Is it tax efficient? Are you paying too much in fees?

Price starting from $1,800

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